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What is PAL-3 SERIES?

PAL-3 Series or Laconic Student Guard works with an advance Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. It is a wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking microchips.

Every student will be provided a RFID identity card, which would be installed with a microchip readable by the RFID Reader.

Whenever an RFID identity card comes in the vicinity of RFID Reader, it will transmit the information and the necessary data will be saved in the server. As soon as a student enters/leaves the school, an SMS will be sent to the registered phone number on the server.

With the help of our Student Guard parents can have a sense of security and relaxation about their child. They can be assured that there child entered / left the school / college and will surely arrive safely to his sweet home.

Benefits of PAL-3 SERIES

  • Total safety of your child.
  • Prevent bunking and loitering.
  • Creates a user-friendly messaging system.
  • Simple and easy to use software.
  • 100% accuracy in attendance.
  • Monthly absentee/attendance report.
  • Zero irregularities in the attendance report.
  • Improves student attendance ratios.
  • Guardians and teachers can communicate conveniently and efficiently.

Q. What is the process of taking services of Student Attendance System?
Ans:- Once we receive a call from the school / college. We arrange a presentation and Demo at the earliest possible time. If the school / college is satisfied with the presentation and need our services, we install the Student Attendance System within 15 days of the advance payment.

Q. Is Student Attendance System reliable?
Ans:- Yes, you can measure the reliability score of Student Attendance System from our satisfied customers.

Q. Is Student Attendance System accurate?
Ans:- Yes, it is very accurate. It doesn't transmit the false information unless or otherwise the RFID card comes is in contact of the RFID Reader. Within no time, it stores the data of RFID card in the server and sends an SMS to the registered number.

Q. Where will you install RFID reader?
Ans:- RFID reader would be installed in all the main gates of the school / college or any designated place convenient to track the attendance of students.

Q. Does this RFID reader have any harmful effect on students?
Ans:- As the product is developed for the safety of students, all the frequencies are in the acceptable range. It doesn't have any harmful effects as it is quality tested by the regulatory authorities.

Q. Will it work in rainy season?
Ans:- We provide high quality RFID readers which are water-proof, storm-proof and even lightening proof. It can not be affected with any kind of seasonal changes and can work efficiently in extreme climatic conditions. Although Student Attendance System is having huge strength within itself, we cover it with an additional protection material to increase its efficiency and durability.

Q. Is Student Attendance System cost-effective?
Ans. In the present scenario of inflation and daily price hikes, we don't want any additional burden on the parents / schools. We are not money hungry people. This product is developed for a social cause and you can avail the service of Student Attendance System less than the cost of a chocolate. It provides the overall security of your child at cheap price.

Our motto is to provide overall safety for children of our nation, insert a full stop to all tensions of parents / schools / colleges & to make an ideal school / college for the bright future of children with the help of Student Attendance System.

We focus on the total safety of your children.