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Due to globalization and easy availability of almost all information on the internet these days, students are less motivated to come to the lecture rooms or laboratory. Most educational institutions' administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance. There is often clear co-relation between student‘s attendance and over all academic performance. Absenteeism can cause the institution to lose its reputation as well as resulting in inadequate learning on the part of the student. Higher authority in universities also demands that institutes concerned with students and education keep a large amount of data, including attendance and absence levels, performance and agreements regarding individual assistance.

Attendance of students is very important factor since it forms part of the students’ assessment and evaluation. It has therefore become imperative that proper measures should be put in place to ensure that no student signs for another. Every organization whether it be an educational institution or business organization, it has to maintain a proper record of attendance of students or employees for effective functioning of organization. It is vital for educational sectors to have solutions that simplify and increase the speed of data collection and increase the lectures efficiency.


Many students go to colleges/universities which are far away from their home town. In this case parents remain unaware of the activities of their children. They are unaware whether their children are in college or bunking the classes. In most of the colleges/universities there is no system through which Authorities can connect directly to the Parents and inform their child’s behavior in College.

Designing a better attendance management system for students so that records are maintained with ease and accuracy as well as removing the communication gap between college authorities and parents is an important key behind development of CAAS.

Manual entering of attendance in log books becomes a difficult task and it also wastes the time. Reading out the names of each student, each hour destroys the precious time. So we designed an efficient system that comprises of Biometric / RFID sensor to manage the attendance records of students.

CAAS can be a powerful tool in managing student‘s attendance throughout the working day and also enhance the classroom security. A real time intelligent system is implemented in conjunction with Biometric / RFID hardware to record students’ attendance at lectures and laboratories in a college/university environment.

CAAS is designed to collect and manage student’s attendance records from Biometric / RFID devices installed in all the class rooms. Apart from the attendance collection management, it will send an automatic SMS to parents regarding total number of classes attended by their children daily.

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RFID/Biometric system
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