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Q. Who can become a partner?
Ans:- Any organization or individual who can act as a source of business for Kijag Technologies can become a partner. Organizations including IT companies, Web Designing and Development firms, Marketing firms; and individuals who have the passion to work hard and earn good can become our Partners.

Q. How does the partnership deal work?
Ans:- All parties need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Partner Agreement with Kijag Technologies before the start of any sort of business. The terms of the contract need to be agreed on by both the parties for a successful partnership.

Q. What do I gain by becoming a partner with Kijag Technologies?
Ans:- Any individual or organization, which brings in business for Kijag Technologies, can earn a commission based on the standard commission structure for the period of the contract with the end customer.

Q. Do I have to incur any costs for partnering with Kijag Technologies?
Ans:- No, there are no fees involved in partnering with us. As our incentives are very generous for acquired business, we expect our partner to bear all costs towards, travelling, lodging & boarding that may be incurred for client acquisition.

Q. I could provide an opportunity, but it isn’t a focus area for you. Can I still partner with you?
Ans:- We are a growing organization and constantly put in efforts into expanding our service offerings in new verticals or market. We recognize efforts put in by our partners for the development in new focus areas by working with you to ensure that we win business and also reward you with appropriate incentives.

Q. What is the continuity plan for me in partnering with Kijag Technologies?
Ans:- All customers’ contracts as well as partner contracts are signed for a duration of three years. In case the customer contract exceeds the partner contract, the partner contract can be renewed.

Q. What responsibilities do I have towards Kijag Technologies?
Ans:- A partner needs to be transparent about bringing in the business for Kijag Technologies. They cannot violate any terms of contract or laws of the countries the partner gets businesses from. Our partner will need to work in tandem with our sales representative for every opportunity that Kijag Technologies is eligible for.

Q. Will Kijag Technologies provide any training about their services before I start working on getting clients?
Ans:- After signing the contract, Kijag Technologies will arrange for an induction program to familiarize you on the service offerings, target customers and value proposition to equip you to have an effective conversation with potential customers.

Q. What happens when I get a qualified opportunity?
Ans:- On every qualified opportunity, we identify a sales representative to work with you to nurture the opportunity. You will be supported by our internal teams in making proposals and for consulting. You need to identify the key persons / sponsors on the client side so that together we create a winning proposal.

Q. What if there are any operational issues related to my client, post bringing in the business?
Ans:- All customers will have a designated Account Manager for all issues related to delivery. Besides, we have a very strong operation management & quality control team that will ensure that all the issues are appropriately and quickly addressed.

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